Multiply Plano

Multiply is our vision to transition our campuses into autonomous churches and increase our missions and church planting efforts. Plano is our next campus to roll off and will transition in fall 2019, when it becomes Citizens Church. As we look toward transition, we are casting vision and preparing for local ministry and raising money to pay off the building we purchased in 2018.

Building Campaign

Lead Pastors - 2019 - Multiply - Plano Building Fundraising Campaign - web update_4_12.png

Help us raise $2.6 million by August 1, 2019.


The Village Church graciously gifted the Plano campus with $2.5 million toward the overall cost of a new building ($5.4 million). After receiving this donation and transferring the funds raised from the Parking Lot Campaign (around $250,000), we are still in need of $2.6 million, which includes:

  • Purchase of Legacy Church building: $757,000
  • Next Gen spaces: $190,000
  • Offices and administration: $65,000
  • Roof & HVAC repairs: $830,000
  • Furniture (for Next Gen, offices, common spaces, etc.): $90,000
  • Technology and Production: $630,000

Any amounts raised beyond our goal of $2.6 million will be used at the discretion of church leadership.

Upcoming Events

  • January 6 – Worship Night
  • January 13 – Worship Night
  • January 20 – Worship Night
  • January 27 – Transition Celebration Night

Transition Timeline

  • March 2018 – After voting in favor of the building exchange, The Village Church purchased the new building, started renovations and began raising money toward these things.

  • July 2018 – The Plano campus moved into the new location.

  • January 27, 2019 – Members of the Plano campus will vote whether or not to transition into an autonomous church.

  • May 19, 2019 – The last sermon will be streamed from the Flower Mound campus to the Plano campus.

  • August 1, 2019 – The Plano campus will officially transition into an autonomous church, Citizens Church.

  • September 8, 2019 – There will be a commissioning service with leadership from The Village Church to celebrate the transition.


1. What is the proposed timeline for Plano’s transition?
Our plan is to have members of the Plano campus vote on whether or not to transition into an autonomous church at services on January 27, 2019. If members vote in favor of rolloff, we will begin to preach and function more locally in the spring. The last stream from Flower Mound will be on May 19, 2019. We will officially transition into an autonomous church on August 1, 2019, with a commissioning service on September 8, 2019.

2. Why is Plano the next campus to transition, when it’s one of the younger campuses?
Ever since we began talking about campus transitions, we have relied on the prompting of the Holy Spirit for the timing of when each campus should roll off. We have looked at three key indicators: 1) the man, 2) the leadership and 3) the membership. Does the campus pastor have the conviction and calling to lead a church? Is the leadership of the campus (elders, deacons and staff) prepared for the transition? Does the membership affirm the direction and are they committed to this new mission?

While Plano is a younger campus, the staff and elders launched the campus with the vision already set for transition. As we’ve had ongoing conversations with members and leaders within the church, we feel confident that the membership will affirm this transition in the timeline proposed.

3. Where are some specific areas the Plano campus will be able to increase its influence as an autonomous church?
Though The Village Church’s campuses are all located in the DFW Metroplex, there are cultural differences between Fort Worth, Dallas, Plano, etc. As a local, autonomous church, the men who preach each weekend will be able to more easily contextualize their message for the community in Plano. The church will be able to teach series and offer classes that more specifically address the needs of its people.

The Plano campus sits just down the road from one of the largest mosques in DFW, and the members of our church interact with Muslims on a daily basis. We will be able to better equip men and women to understand their Muslim neighbors and coworkers, love them well and share the gospel with them. We also have a large refugee population in the area and will be able to increase our refugee ministry. We will continue to partner closely with Campus Outreach to minister to college students at UT Dallas and Collin College.

4. What will the Plano campus be called once it transitions?
The Plano campus will be called Citizens Church. Christians are citizens of the kingdom of God. We are no longer far from Him or opposed to Him, but through Jesus we now belong to God and relate to Him as His people. Those who were once dead and lost have been transferred from darkness to light and gifted an identity as unshakeable as the kingdom into which we have been saved. As citizens, our allegiance belongs to Jesus and is on display to the world in the way we love Jesus, His Church and our neighbor.

5. How can I follow along with the Plano transition?
The Plano campus has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to promote events, communicate announcements and connect with people at the campus and in the community. If you are a Covenant Member or regular attender of the Plano campus, join the Plano campus Facebook group. Also, be sure to attend Encounter and Covenant Member Meetings as much as possible to hear updates on the transition, and sign up for the Plano Campus Update.