Multiply Flower Mound

Multiply is our vision to transition our campuses into autonomous churches and increase our missions and church planting efforts. For Flower Mound, this means pursuing missions and church planting more intentionally and significantly with a new Sending Department and planning and preparing to be a local, flourishing local church in the years ahead, which includes moving to a brand-new location.


Ask the Lord to prepare us for being a local, autonomous church and to save lives, locally and globally, through missions and church planting. Pray that He would give us the wisdom and financial resources to move to a new location.


Consider now how you might begin to give, above and beyond your regular offerings to the church, toward a new location in the future and our church planting and missions efforts.

Give Now


Take the next step of service and multiplication at The Village Church, committing more to this local body and our surrounding community. Be sent out as a missionary or as part of a church plant from The Village. Learn about our Sending Program for church planters and missionaries.

A New Location

Our vision for The Village Church in Flower Mound centers around being a place that makes holistic disciples of Jesus Christ, shows hospitality to our community and trains up and sends out church planters and missionaries to bring the gospel to DFW and beyond. Our elders have felt the Holy Spirit leading us to a piece of property only a few miles from our current campus that would help us better invest in that vision. On Sunday, March 31, 93% of Flower Mound Covenant Members voted to support purchasing this property, affirming the feelings of the elders. We will continue working with the landowner, architects and engineers to determine how best to develop the land to maximize our space and minimize the cost.

We will continue to roll out more information on the new location, but we invite you now to consider going above and beyond your normal tithes and offerings to give toward this new location, as well as our increased church planting and missions efforts.

Give Now


1. Why are we moving to a new location?
We believe a new location will allow us to:

  • Address current space issues – We will stop turning away individuals and families from our discipleship environments and create an atmosphere that feels more stable, hospitable, peaceful and restful.
  • Grow more deeply and numerically – We will bring more people into our discipleship environments and be able to better make disciples throughout the week who are being trained and sent out.
  • Increase our community impact – We will show hospitality to our community by hosting events and partnering with local organizations and ministries and be a greater physical presence in our city and the surrounding areas.

2. Where exactly is the proposed property?
This property is right down the road from our current Flower Mound campus, across 407 from Walmart and just east and running all the way back to Dixon. This spot is close to our current location, has great access to the property and will provide enough land for us to build what we need to build and give us plenty of space for parking. Though all this land would be developed, we don’t think we would use it all and anticipate buying somewhere between 35–40 acres. We envision utilizing the north side, with our main access point being 407.

3. What is the timeline?
The land vote was the first step of a larger plan the Lord has for The Village in Flower Mound. We will continue working with the landowner, architects and engineers to determine how best to develop the land to maximize our space and minimize the cost. We’re grateful for all the feedback you’ve given us already, and we will be providing periodic updates about next steps and more details in the coming months as we continue in this process.

4. Do we have any details about the cost and features of the future building?
We are not sure yet of the exact cost, but we believe this land will cost around $9–11 million. As soon as we have an exact number, we will let you know. We are still unsure about the future cost of construction and building; if we move forward with the property, we won’t have numbers until later in 2019. The first step in all of this is to secure the land, and then we will begin to work with the landowner and architects to figure out how to best develop the land, maximize our space and minimize our cost.