Church Planting and Missions

Multiply is our vision to transition our campuses into autonomous churches and increase our missions and church planting efforts. As a part of this vision, we are continuing to work with Acts 29, and we established the DFW Church Planting Network and a new Sending Department, with greater emphasis and intentionality around training and sending out men and women to proclaim the gospel near and far. This includes Go Groups, Go 101, Go Trips and our Sending Program, with both a track for missionaries and for church planters.


Ask the Lord to save lives, locally and globally, through missions and church planting. Pray for our missionaries on the field.


Consider now how you might begin to give, above and beyond your regular offerings to the church, toward future building needs and our church planting and missions efforts.

Give Now


Be sent out as a missionary or as part of a church plant from The Village. Learn about our Sending Program for church planters and missionaries.