The gospel going forth in DFW and beyond

We feel led by the Holy Spirit to transition our five campuses into autonomous churches by 2022. It will be risky and take courage, but we believe this move gives The Village Church the best opportunity to reach DFW and beyond with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Plan

  • Transition our remaining campuses into autonomous churches
  • Plant churches locally with the DFW Church Planting Network
  • Plant churches with Acts 29
  • Increase local and global missions involvement

Why take a megachurch and purposefully shrink it? Why change something that seems to be working well?

We feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to more faithfully pursue the call to multiply and make disciples through church planting and missions. We believe campus transitions will lead to stronger, more focused, more sustainable contextual ministry. The economics of the kingdom may not match the economics of our world, but this is where the Lord is leading us.

Take Action


The conviction to transition our campuses was fueled by and a result of many, many prayers, and we must continue to seek the Lord in prayer during this process.


The costs of transitioning campuses can be weighty, both financially and emotionally. There are building, equipment, and staffing considerations, and there is also the need for those who go to learn and be trained.


We are all called to go and make disciples in some way, whether it means staying at your campus as it transitions or joining a church plant elsewhere.

There is one vision for Multiply, and we are called to pray, give, and go, but this will look different depending on the campus. We are all playing a different part in this vision to reach DFW and beyond with the gospel. Learn more about Multiply at each of our campuses.

Church Planter Update

In 2018, we sent out four men to plant churches in DFW and beyond. Here’s an update on what the Lord is doing in and through them.