The Plan

  • Transition our remaining campuses into autonomous churches
  • Plant churches locally with the DFW Church Planting Network
  • Plant churches with Acts 29
  • Increase local and global missions involvement

A few years ago, the elders shared their conviction that the Lord was leading us to transition our campuses into autonomous churches, beginning with the Denton campus, a conviction that had been developing for several years. There was not a specific timeline in place for the other campuses; instead, we would rely on the Holy Spirit and when it felt right to do so. We feel that the Lord has made the timing clear to us now and we plan to transition all the campuses within the next five years.

Establishing a timeline allows us to share it with the staff and the church at large so that we can all pray and plan together. We also believe that campus rolloffs will lead to better, more contextualized ministry for our campuses and our cities, and we want to get to that reality as soon as is sensible. It also gives an answer to succession, helping us to be proactive rather than reactive about it. And, of course, it is an outworking of our mission statement.

Along with rolling off campuses into churches, we are forming a local church planting network with several churches in the Metroplex and also working with Acts 29 in order to plant more churches locally and globally. There are 7 million people in the Metroplex alone, and our overarching goal is to reach every man, woman and child with the gospel through church planting. This will include a strategic residency focusing on planting key leaders all throughout the city. Our hope is that this vision will give us the opportunity to multiply out, planting more churches and sending out more missionaries in DFW and beyond.

In addition to planting churches, we have a desire to increase our involvement with local and global missions. This includes both short-term trips and long-term sending on the mission field and serving with local organizations in our cities. With these goals in mind, we hope to see significant growth in gospel-centered service and multiplication.