Multiply in Plano

Multiply is the next chapter in gospel-centered multiplication for The Village. We plan to transition all five of our current campuses into autonomous churches by 2022, and Plano will be the next campus to walk this road. The Lord has already begun to meet our needs as we look toward our future, specifically with a new building. In July, we’ll exchange buildings with Legacy Church in Plano (right up the road from our current location). We want our new building to serve our church family in the years to come, so we need to raise $2.6 million by 2019 as a campus to cover the associated costs.

The Plano Transition

Launching in fall 2014, the Plano campus was birthed at a unique time in The Village’s history, as the Denton campus moved closer to its transition into a local, autonomous church in 2015. Because of their new vision and conviction to transition campuses into autonomous churches, the staff, elders and core team of men and women who launched the Plano campus did so with transition in mind. From day one, the Lord has been preparing Plano for transition, and now it “seems good to us and the Holy Spirit” to move forward (Acts 15:28).

Covenant Members in Plano will vote on the transition in early 2019 and, if that vote passes, the campus will become autonomous later that year. In the time between the vote and full anonymity, the Plano staff will begin to take more responsibility for the preaching, teaching and other tasks that have been shared with the central staff.

Transitioning is a step of faith. We are trusting that this is the Lord’s work and that He will bring it to completion. We aren’t trying to build up our own name, but His. And we’re entrusting Him with our future because He is worth it.

Action Steps

To be part of the Plano transition, you can take action in three ways: pray, give and go. All three steps have local and global implications. Click here to see our general suggestions for joining Multiply.

Pray for Plano

  • Pray for Hunter and the other staff and elders at the Plano campus to have clarity of vision and confidence in the Lord’s plan.
  • Pray for the Covenant Members and regular attenders of the Plano campus as they consider the implications of transition.
  • Pray for the Lord to move and multiply throughout the Plano area and beyond.
  • Pray for an increased willingness to serve inside and outside of the Plano campus.

Give to Plano

  • Begin (or continue) to give regularly to the Plano campus.
  • Give financial support to renovating the new building.
  • Consider what you might give to local and global church planting and missions.
  • Be open-handed and sensitive toward the needs of the community, as made known through the Plano campus Facebook group, Campus Update and other announcements.

Go with Plano

  • Take this next step of gospel-centered multiplication with us by transitioning into an autonomous church.
  • Consider planting a new church, or joining a church plant, locally or globally.

Plano's Timeline

Early Spring 2012 – Members of The Village Church who live in the Plano area begin meeting and praying about what God might do in their community.

Winter 2013 – The Village Church announces they have purchased a building in Plano, at Spring Creek and Independence Parkway. Hunter Hall is named the campus pastor.

Summer 2014 – The Plano campus has a soft launch, with weekly services for leaders and members. From the beginning, Hunter discusses the eventual plan to transition into a local church.

Fall 2014 – The Plano campus launches and quickly moves from three to four weekend services.

Fall 2015 – The campus celebrates its one year anniversary and the ways God has worked in and through the people there so far. They also celebrate along with the Denton campus as it transitions into an autonomous church.

Fall 2016 – The Plano campus elders begin praying and considering a timeline for transitioning into an autonomous church.

Spring 2017 – After prayer and ongoing discussion, the central and campus elders create a plan to transition all the campuses into local churches by 2022.

Fall 2017 – Multiply is launched, calling the people of The Village Church to pray, give and go.

February 2018 – All Covenant Members voted on the Plano campus building exchange. The vote passed with 97% approval.

March 2018 – The members of Legacy Church voted and approved the church building exchange. The Village Church will purchase the property, and the Plano campus will raise funds to make necessary renovations.

July 2018 – The Plano campus will move into the new building.

Early 2019 – Covenant Members at the Plano campus will vote on whether to transition into a local, autonomous church. If the vote passes, the Plano campus will become an autonomous church later that year.

Hunter's Story

Hunter Hall was called to ministry just a mile away from where he now serves as the campus pastor for The Village Church Plano campus. Plano is home for Hunter; he moved here with his family in 1st grade, and his dad pastored a local church. His burden for Plano only grew after his father’s death in 2011.

When it comes to transition, the question that comes to Hunter’s mind is, “Are we willing to risk what is for the sake of what could be?” He wants the church to remember that it’s Jesus who builds His Church, and He does so with the voices of everyday believers faithfully proclaiming the gospel. It’s not about one man, but about the body of Christ living out the Great Commission. “Matt Chandler is a once-in-a-generational pastor and preacher, but one day he won’t be here,” Hunter says. None of us will be. The Village has made a splash in DFW, and we want to focus on the ripples moving outward.

At Plano, they’re doing this by intentionally caring deeply for people and welcoming the unwelcomed in the world, especially through their Recovery Groups and Refugee Ministry. They want to help parents disciple their kids and men and women disciple their neighbors. There is something greater worth pursuing—this is what the church aims to live out for others to see.

Hunter believes the cultural winds are shifting yet again in the Metroplex. When The Village started using a campus model, it worked well and alleviated space and travel issues, thanks in large part to the common grace of technology. The ability to livestream Matt’s preaching from Flower Mound to Dallas to Fort Worth to Plano didn’t exist just a few years previously. But now, he thinks people are looking for something more personal.

“I fully believe that a majority of our people have initially come here because of Matt, but I don’t believe they’ve stayed here because of Matt,” Hunter says. They’ve stayed because of the way our Next Gen staff and volunteers love on their kids, because they’ve gotten connected through Bible classes, and because their Home Group leaders have showed up for them on their darkest days.

Hunter’s desire to transition comes from his desire to point people to Jesus. There’s no doubt that the Plano campus is doing that already, but transitioning into an autonomous church will allow it to contextualize even more. Its staff and members will be able to focus more intentionally on their local community—the families in their neighborhoods, the mosque up the street, the students in their schools, the refugees moving in from all over the world. Hunter knows the church isn’t the answer to all the problems of Collin County, but he knows who is: Jesus.

“The Lord is pleased to accomplish His mission through the saints of local congregations.” As an autonomous church, Hunter expects the Plano campus to be smaller but able to go deeper. They will be able to strengthen the community within their community. They will be better neighbors. This is his hope for Plano through this transition and for many years to come.


1. What is the proposed timeline for Plano’s transition?

In 2017, a nearby church with a larger facility but smaller attendance base approached the Plano campus with the idea of exchanging buildings to better serve both congregations. During weekend services on February 24 – 25, 2018, Covenant Members of The Village voted on this building exchange. The vote passed with 97% approval. The other church, Legacy Church, also voted and approved the exchange on March 18.

The Village Church will take on the purchase of the property, but the Plano campus will be responsible for raising the necessary funds to make building renovations.

The logistics involved in moving the Plano campus to a new location have pushed back the initial transition date, but we believe it will be for the better. The elders also believe that the Holy Spirit is leading us in this direction.

We plan to move into the new building in July 2018. Then, we plan to let Covenant Members vote on transition in early 2019. If the vote passes, we will plan on transitioning off later that year.

As we did with the Denton transition, Plano staff will begin to preach more and more locally as roll off approaches, even while following sermon series that are being streamed to other campuses.

2. Why is Plano the next campus to transition, when it’s one of the younger campuses?

Ever since we began talking about campus transitions, we have relied on the prompting of the Holy Spirit for the timing of when each campus should roll off. We have looked at three key indicators: 1) the man, 2) the leadership and 3) the membership. Does the campus pastor have the conviction and calling to lead a church? Is the leadership of the campus (elders, deacons and staff) prepared for the transition? Does the membership affirm the direction and are they committed to this new mission?

While Plano is a younger campus, the campus pastor and other staff and elders launched the campus with the vision already set for transition. And in initial conversations with members and leaders within the church, we feel confident that the membership will affirm this transition in the timeline proposed.

3. Where are some specific areas the Plano campus will be able to increase its influence as an autonomous church?

Though The Village Church’s campuses are all located in the DFW Metroplex, there are cultural differences between Fort Worth, Dallas, Plano, etc. As a local, autonomous church, the men who preach each weekend will be able to more easily contextualize their message for the community in Plano. The church will be able to teach series and offer classes that more specifically address the needs of its people.

The Plano campus sits just half a mile south of one of the largest mosques in DFW, and the members of our church interact with Muslims on a daily basis. We will be able to better equip men and women to understand their Muslim neighbors and coworkers, love them well and share the gospel with them. We also have a large refugee population in the area and will be able to increase our refugee ministry. We will continue to partner closely with Campus Outreach to minister to college students at UT Dallas and Collin College.

4. What will the Plano campus be called once it transitions?

We do not yet have a name in place for the new church that will form out of the Plano campus. To prevent confusion, we will not keep “The Village Church” as part of our name.

5. How can I follow along with the Plano transition?

The Plano campus will begin to use its own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to promote events, communicate announcements and connect with people at the campus and in the community in the near future. If you are a Covenant Member or regular attender of the Plano campus, join the Plano campus Facebook group. Also, be sure to attend Elder-Led Prayer and Covenant Member Meetings as much as possible to hear updates on the transition, and sign up for the Plano Campus Update.

For more information about Multiply, check out our main FAQ page.