The gospel going forth in DFW and beyond

We feel led by the Holy Spirit to transition our five campuses into autonomous churches by 2022. It will be risky and take courage, but we believe this move gives The Village Church the best opportunity to reach DFW and beyond with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“If the Lord would bless us, if God would move profoundly and powerfully among us, I would like for The Village to be a place that leverages the blessings of God, not just to terminate those blessings on ourselves, but to be a church that is serious about the growing of the kingdom of God in and around the Metroplex and to the ends of the earth.” Matt Chandler

What Is The Plan?

  • Transition our remaining campuses into autonomous churches
  • Plant churches locally with the DFW Church Planting Network
  • Plant churches with Acts 29
  • Increase local and global missions involvement

Multiply in 2018

We’ve seen God move in incredible ways through Multiply in 2018, and we want to take a moment as a church to celebrate His work. This video highlights the ways in which the gospel has gone forth in DFW and beyond this year, and we hope it reminds you of God’s faithfulness and your role in His mission.

How Can You Take Action?

To carry out this vision, you can take action in three ways: pray, give and go. All three steps have local and global implications.


We address a number of questions about the vision and strategy of Multiply, specifically campus transitions.


Since its beginning, the Church has been spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth. Multiplication is a part of our DNA.

Plano Transition

Our Plano campus is set to be the next campus of The Village Church to transition into a local, autonomous church.

New Church Planters

In 2018 and 2019, four of our staff members will plant churches here in the DFW area and in California.